New: ECCV 2020: 1 Spotlight + 6 Papers!

AAG – Applied Algebra and Geometry Group
works on answering theoretical questions in algebra, geometry, and optimization, which have practical impact in computer vision, robotics, and machine learning.

We are at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

We are funded by

  • SPRING – Socially Pertinent Robots in Gerontological Healthcare – EU H2020 Project
  • ARtwin – Solutions for Industry and Construction 4.0 – EU H2020 Project
  • IMPACT – Intelligent Machine Perception Project
  • R4I – Robotics for Industry 4.0 Project
  • MAGIK Eye – CTU Laboratory


September 2020 – AAG co-organizes the
ECCV 2020 Long-Term Visual Localization under Changing Conditions
Visual Localization estimates the position and orientation of a camera from images.

June 2020 – AAG co-organizes the
CVPR 2020 Joint Workshop on Long-Term Visual Localization, Visual Odometry and Geometric and Learning-based SLAM 
Visual Localization estimates the position and orientation of a camera from images. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) tracks camera motion while simultaneously building a (3D) map of the scene. 

October 2019 – The best Student Paper at ICCV 2019

T Duff, K Kohn, A Leykin, T Pajdla. PLMP-Point-Line Minimal Problems in Complete Multi-View Visibility. ICCV 2019 [pdf,supp,code]

October 2019 – AAG co-organizes
ICCV 2019 Workshop on 3D Reconstruction in the Wild

We are interested in 3D reconstruction techniques capable of operating in unconstrained conditions which are robust and/or real-time including multi-camera calibration, feature extraction, matching, data fusion, depth learning, and meshing techniques to 3D modeling approaches.

June 2019 – AAG co-organizes
CVPR 2019 Tutorial on The Art of Solving Minimal Problems

Minimal solvers play an important role in many computer vision problems such as 3D Reconstruction, Visual Localization, Augmented/Mixed Reality, Visual Odometry or Robotics. The goal of the tutorial is to explain the principles behind solving minimal problems and give practical means for engineers and researchers to be able apply the recent methods.

June 2019 – AAG co-organizes
CVPR 2019 Workshop on Workshop on Autonomous Driving

The CVPR 2019 Workshop on Autonomous Driving (WAD) gathers researchers and engineers from academia and industry to discuss the latest advances in perception for autonomous driving, arguably the most promising application of computer vision and AI in general.

June 2019 – AAG co-organizes
CVPR 2019 Workshop on Long-Term Visual Localization under Changing Conditions

Visual localization is the problem of (accurately) estimating the position and orientation, i.e., the camera pose, from which an image was taken with respect to some scene representation. It is a vital component in many interesting Computer Vision and Robotics scenarios, including autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars and other robots, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, Structure-from-Motion, and SLAM.

June 2019 – ARTWIN Solutions for Industry and construction 4.0
EU H-2020 Project (Partners: Q-PLAN, B<>COM, Siemens, CTU in Prague, Nokia Bell Labs, Holo-Light, Artefacto)

Project signed. Kick-off on 1 Oct 2019.

8 Dec 2018 – ACCV 2018 best paper
J Pritts, Z Kukelova, V Larsson, O Chum.
Rectificaƒtion from Radially-Distorted Scales.
ACCV 2018

6 Dec 2018 – AAG Participated at the creation of ELLIS Society – European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems

Recent Results

Z Kukelova, C. Albl, A Sugimoto, T Pajdla, K Schindler. Minimal Rolling Shutter Absolute Pose with Unknown Focal Length and Radial Distortion. ECCV 2020 (Spotlight) [pdf] [supp

T Duff, K Kohn, A Leykin, T Pajdla. PL1P – Point-line Minimal Problems under Partial Visibility in Three Views. ECCV 2020 [pdf] [supp]

F Arrigoni, L Magri, T Pajdla. On the Usage of the Trifocal Tensor in Motion Segmentation. ECCV 2020 [pdf] [supp]

D Barath, M Polic,  Z Kukelova, T Sattler, W Forstner, T Pajdla. Making Affine Correspondences Work in Camera Geometry Computation. ECCV 2020 [pdf] [supp]

D Zhukov, J-B Alayrac, I Laptev, J Sivic. Learning actionness via long-range temporal order verification. ECCV 2020 [pdf[supp]

Y Labbe, J Sivic, J Carpentier, M Aubry. Multi-view multi-object 6D pose estimation via robust scene consistency optimization. 
ECCV 2020 [pdf[supp]

I Rocco, J Sivic, R Arandjelovic. 
Efficient Neighbourhood Consensus Networks via Submanifold Sparse Convolutions. ECCV 2020

I Rocco, M Cimpoi, R Arandjelovic, A Torii, T Pajdla, J Sivic. NCNet: Neighbourhood Consensus Networks for Estimating Image Correspondences. IEEE PAMI Early Access, 2020 [pdf

C Albl, Z Kukelova, V Larsson, T Pajdla. Rolling Shutter Camera Absolute Pose. IEEE PAMI 42:(6) 1439-1452, 2020 [pdf]

C Albl, Z Kukelova, V Larsson, M Polic, T Pajdla, K Schindler. From Two Rolling Shutters to One Global Shutter. CVPR 2020 (ORAL)  [pdf] [supp] [arXiv

A Miech, J-B Alayrac, L Smaira, I Laptev, J Sivic, A Zisserman. End-to-End Learning of Visual Representations From Uncurated Instructional Videos. CVPR 2020 (ORAL) [pdf] [arXiv] [video]

M Polic, S Steidl, C Albl, Z Kukelova, T Pajdla. Uncertainty Based Camera Model Selection. CVPR 2020 [pdf] [supp]

R Fabbri, T Duff, H Fan, M H Regan, D da Costa de Pinho, E Tsigaridas, C W Wampler, J D Hauenstein, P J Giblin, B Kimia, A Leykin, T Pajdla. TRPLP – Trifocal Relative Pose From Lines at Points. CVPR 2020 [pdf] [supp

T Duff, K Kohn, A Leykin, T Pajdla. PLMP – Point-Line Minimal Problems in Complete Multi-View Visibility. ICCV 2019 | pdf (ORAL & ICCV 2019 The Best Student Paper Award)

F Arrigoni, T Pajdla. Robust Motion Segmentation From Pairwise Matches. ICCV 2019 | pdf

H Taira, I Rocco, J Sedlar, M Okutomi, J Sivic, T Pajdla, T Sattler, A Torii. Is This the Right Place? Geometric-Semantic Pose Verification for Indoor Visual Localization . ICCV 2019 | pdf | project page

H J Peyre, I Laptev, C Schmid, J Sivic. Detecting Unseen Visual Relations Using Analogies . ICCV 2019 | pdf

A Miech, D Zhukov, J-B Alayrac, M Tapaswi, I Laptev, J. Sivic. HowTo100M: Learning a Text-Video Embedding by Watching Hundred Million Narrated Video Clips. ICCV 2019 | pdf

Z Li, J Sedlar, J Carpentier, I Laptev, N Mansard, J Sivic. Estimating 3D Motion and Forces of Person-Object Interactions From Monocular Video. CVPR 2019 | pdf (ORAL)

D Zhukov, J-B Alayrac, R G Cinbis, D Fouhey, I Laptev, J Sivic. Cross-Task Weakly Supervised Learning From Instructional Videos. CVPR 2019 | pdf

M Dusmanu, I Rocco, T Pajdla, M Pollefeys, J Sivic, A Torii, T Sattler. D2-Net: A Trainable CNN for Joint Description and Detection of Local Features. CVPR 2019 | pdf | supp

C Albl, Z Kukelova, V Larsson, T Pajdla. Rolling Shutter Camera Absolute Pose. IEEE PAMI 2019  | pdf

K Stepanova, T Pajdla, M Hoffmann. Robot Self-Calibration Using Multiple Kinematic Chains—A Simulation Study on the iCub Humanoid Robot. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019 (4)  | pdf

I Rocco, M Cimpoi, R Arandjelović, A Torii, T Pajdla, J Sivic. Neighbourhood Consensus Networks. NeurIPS 2018  | arXiv

Z Kukelova, C Albl, A Sugimoto, T Pajdla. Linear solution to the minimal absolute pose rolling shutter problem. ACCV 2018  | pdf

J Pritts, Z Kukelova, V Larsson, O Chum. Rectification from Radially-Distorted Scales. ACCV 2018 (ACCV 2018 Best Paper Award) | arXiv

L Magerand, A Del Bue. Revisiting Projective Structure for Motion: A Robust and Efficient Incremental Solution. IEEE PAMI 2018 | pdf

F Arrigoni, A Fusiello. Bearing-based Network Localizability: a Unifying View. IEEE PAMI 2018 | pdf

V Larsson, M Oskarsson, K Åström, A Wallis, Z Kukelova, T Pajdla. Beyond Gröbner Bases: Basis Selection for Minimal Solvers. CVPR 2018 pdf | arXiv

H Taira, M Okutomi, T Sattler, M Cimpoi, M Pollefeys, J Sivic, T Pajdla, A Torii. InLoc: Indoor Visual Localization with Dense Matching and View Synthesis. CVPR 2018 pdf | arXiv | project page

T Sattler, W Maddern, C Toft, A Torii, L Hammarstrand, E Stenborg, D Safari, M Okutomi, M Pollefeys, J Sivic, F Kahl, T Pajdla. Benchmarking 6DOF Urban Visual Localization in Changing Conditions. CVPR 2018 pdf | arXiv | benchmark

J Kileel, Z Kukelova, T Pajdla, B Sturmfels. Distortion varieties. Foundations of Computational Mathematics 2018| arXiv

A Torii, R Arandjelovic, J Sivic, M Okutomi, T Pajdla. 24/7 Place Recognition by View Synthesis. IEEE TPAMI 2018 pdf | CVPR 2015 pdf | Project page+data+code

R Arandjelovic, P Gronat, A Torii, T Pajdla and J Sivic. NetVLAD: CNN architecture for weakly supervised place recognition. IEEE PAMI 2018 pdf | CVPR 2016 (ORAL) pdf | Project page | video

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